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    Corey Martin
    I have been the poor kid, the wealthy guy, the sorriest excuse, the best example, the average joe, the one to know, the sinner, the saint, and no matter what position I was in one thing never changed. I always want to be better tomorrow than I am today. My life experiences have shaped me to guide anyone at any stage of their life or career on how to become better tomorrow no matter the person they are today. 
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I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 13. Over the years I have been an employee, an owner, an operator, and a partner of a variety of companies. I use my experience to benefit the companies and clients I work for in many ways. I love to see a territory grow, a company blossom, a new client reach unexpected goals, and to just be allowed to use my knowledge and experience to push others. I have a vision to expand, partner, and challenge myself and others daily. After over 29 years in the business world, I have learned a lot of lessons and I"m ready and willing to continue the forward movement.  

My Resume

The Rental Association, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Property Management

Company Description: The Rental Association currently manages approximately 900 units of assets valued over $50,000,000. 

Proper Interest, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Real Estate Investments

Company Description: Proper Interest was established in 2007 to begin to purchase investment properties mostly for long term rental income. 

Corey The Coach, LLC


Company Type: Business Coaching & Consulting/ACT Prep

Company Description: Corey The Coach was established in 2018 and serves a variety of clients in the business and educational world. 

Fairy YardFathers, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Lawn Care

Company Description: Fairy YardFathers was established in 2019 to provide lawn care services to both commercial and residential clients.

Swept and Cleaned, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Janitorial Services

Company Description: Swept and Cleaned was established in 2019 and offers services such as junk removal, trash outs, dumpster rentals, in addition to janitorial services for a variety of commercial and residential clients. 

Transaction Possibilities, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Marketing/Business Management

Company Description: Transaction Possibilities was established in 2018 to offer their clients a hub of resources in order to give them the best possible scenario to grow and maintain their business.

Martin Presence Property Management, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Property Maintenance

Company Description: Martin Presence Property Management was established in 2010 and now services the maintenance management for hundreds of clients and properties.  

Erdaco Investments, LLC

Title: Partner

Company Type: Real Estate Investments

Company Description: Erdaco Investments was established in 2021 to acquire properties for investment flips and rental income.  

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